CSOM – Get lists via Managed Code

I have been working on CSOM recently and I wanted to share this snipplet of code that I used to get the Web object, List Collection, and create a new list via the client object model through managed C# code.

// Create the client context by passing in the web url I want to use

ClientContext cctx = new ClientContext(“http://phillau.com”);

cctx.Credentials = CredentialCache.DefaultCredentials;

Web ctxWeb = cctx.Web;

ListCollection lists = ctxWeb.Lists;

// Load the context object with instructions to only populate the title field in the site object

cctx.Load(site s => s.Title);

// Request gets send to retrieve the site title


Console.WriteLine(“Site Title:” + ctxWeb.Title);

//Create a new list. Specify what you want it to be!

ListCreationInformation list = new ListCreationInformation();

list.Title = “Ships”;

list.Url = “List/Ships”;

list.TemplateType = (int)ListTemplateType.GenericList;

// Add to list collection


// Load into context object to be launched!


// Submit list blueprint!


foreach(List list in lists)






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