Outlook 2007: cannot open your default e-mail folders. The information store could not be opened

I came across this error in my development environment when I need to do some work with Outlook 2007. After installing it, I started up Outlook and ran through the configuration wizard. Because there was no exchange server in the development environment, I just put in dummy data into the values.

Here is were I went wrong. Outlook stored the dummy data I put into the  configuration wizard and every time I try to open up outlook, I would get a error message telling me that the Exchange server I provided does not exist or is not online.

I tried uninstalling and re-installing Office 2007 but still no-go.

Then I found out the Outlook settings had been saved to my machine!

The solution: Deleting  the Outlook profile stored on the machine brings back the initial Outlook configuration wizard the next time you open Outlook!

1. Go to Control Panel -> Mail (Do a search for mail in the top right search box)

 2. Select Profiles

3.  Select the Outlook profile that was created by the configuration wizard for you

4. Hit Remove!

5. Start Outlook from the Start menu



Deployment error: failed to load due to invalid xml: Name cannot begin with ‘%’

The situation when I come across this error is during the deployment and activation of a master page. The problem is that I added the .masterpage file as an element manifest rather than an element file in the Feature.xml definition that deploys the master page to a site collection.

The solution:

Add the .masterpage file as an element file not as a element manifest in the Feature.xml definition!