Two speed Taxonomy – SharePoint 2010

There are two types of taxonomy available in SharePoint 2010 (You probably already knew this)

Managed : A centrally managed tagging system, terms/keywords are already defined and the user just has to select from the predefined term set.

  • This prevents duplication of similar terms/more managable as users can not touch the predefined terms
  • Must be properly designed, otherwise users will not be able to relate to the predefined terms and hence find it difficult to use

Social Tagging (Folksonomy) : Users determine their own terms/keywords to associate with items.

  • Flexibility for users to define their own terms, allowing them to be able to find items more easier as they know what to look for
  • A loose system can get out of hand, different terms that are used to tag items might actuallly have the same tags.



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