Can not save document back into document library

I recently came across an error when I attempted to create and save a new document in a SharePoint 2010 document library.

1. I went to the document library

2. Clicked on New Document

3.  Typed in some text into the word document.

4. Clicked on Save

5. A dialog box appears asking for a save location onto a drive on my local computer

6. I can not save the file back into the document library where I clicked on New Document


How I got this fixed was by enabling the WebClient Service in Window services (services.msc). To install this feature:

1. Go to Server Manager

2. Right click on Features node in the tree view

3. Select Add Feature

4. Select Desktop Experience

5. Click Next on the next screens and finally click Install.

6. Reboot computer.

7. Open up Window Services and check the WebClient service is available, enabled and started.

Go to your SharePoint document library, and create a New Document. Enter some text and click Save.

I am now able to save documents back to their place of origin, i.e. the document library where I clicked on New Document.

Side Note

I have read on some forums that tell users to implement this ( to fix this issue but it sure did not fix it for myself, plus it is also address SharePoint 2003/2007 and not 2010.


4 Responses to Can not save document back into document library

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  3. Peter says:

    Is this on the Sharepoint server or the workstation that is accessing the SP server?

    • Peter says:

      We are having this same problem, but the WebClient service is already running on the workstations with the problem.

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